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Smart nail Omotesando shop

The location 3-12-2, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F
TEL/FAX 03-6427-2786
Business hours a.m11: 00 - p.m21: 00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

Smart nail Aoyama shop

The location Dr. 5-1-18, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Okabayashi's office building 4F-C
TEL 03-6427-1862
Business hours a.m11: 00 - p.m21: 00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

Beauty dwells in small place.
He/she changes beautiful nail until the manner beautifully.

We want to enjoy nail smartly to change favorite clothes.
As salon which supported such nail life, smart nail Omotesando shop was born.

From simple design liked routinely to gorgeous design art.
We are beautiful and are polite and, in abundant color variations, provide gel nail which is kind to own nail in concept of relief from Omotesando.

Gel nail

It is reinforced thin nail and nail which it is easy to hang by riding gel. The feature of gel nail of smart nail is that luster in particular is good. There is not change of color of color and has a good reputation for the durability of luster.

Foot gel nail

Cuticle care gives a service from foot bus with smart nail, too.
Because of the profession, you seem to be able to enjoy foot nail in one where hand nail is not formed on and prepare for many designs, KOLOR.

Nail care repair

We give one of the important processes to let gel last a long time with smart nail, cuticle care free.
In necessary one, repair (reinforcement) of nail which has been missing, length soup stock are doing. You feel free to contact, and please attach.

It is a 1-minute walk from Omotesando Station. Even return of commuting is recommended.

It is a 1-minute walk from Omotesando Exit B2. Good location of Aoyama area.
In clean space based on white, healed fragrance of aroma invites you.
Including thing of point that is uneasy about nail in reception desk space and trouble ask casually.
As the charge staff is kind and meets carefully, made gel for the first time can be relieved.
You can see favorite video during surgical operation. We provide wonderful time for you.

We prepare abundant nail design sample.

Design sample of smart nail more than 500 kinds. Color variations prepare more than 200 colors.
There is much come to to prepare for rich nail sample which they adopt seasonal trend, and trendy design and KOLOR of the year reflected, and to enjoy design increasing every month.
Of course we can make design of you original, too.

JNEC (former JNA) first grade qualification, gel upper grade qualification maintainer are registered with smart nail.

With smart nail, all the members JNEC (former JNA) qualification maintainer gathers. As the staff who received official authorization necessary for the first grade, the upper grade, hygiene management, salon administration is prepared, we are reliable.
If there are troubles of nail, please feel free to contact.

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