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Smart nail Omotesando shop

The location 3-12-2, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F
TEL/FAX 03-6427-2786
Business hours a.m11: 00 - p.m21: 00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

Smart nail Aoyama shop

The location Dr. 5-1-18, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Okabayashi's office building 4F-C
TEL 03-6427-1862
Business hours a.m11: 00 - p.m21: 00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

Bridal nail

With smart nail, we suggest bridal nail in conformity to wedding dress of bride.
We decide the most suitable nail design while asking about request of customer, and talking so that we are met with smile in peace on the day of the wedding.

Big event, wedding ceremony that glisten most in the life.
Bride attracts many attention in the bright scenes such as candle service or ring exchange.

We suggest direction from finger-tip, bridal nail from here Aoyama, Omotesando.

It is ・・ for you who are busy

It can be over before wedding all the time at time.

Such a person not to have time to go to salon while we are busy

It is unexpectedly a lot. But don't worry.

Luster of gel of smart nail is different in brightness.

Wedding state that is glossy just before that on 4-5 days ago

We follow. You come in schedule in time with space


It is free to do plain rate, design arrangement

Design sample is prepared for with smart nail by richness. Combination with KOLOR more than 200 colors is free.
Price is fixed amount characteristics of relief, too.
We prepare by 4 patterns of 8,900 yen, 9,900 yen, 10,900 yen, 12,900 yen.

Thing that is important in the case of gel on

kei* and cuticle disposal of nails before riding gel are very important.

This processing is included in rate with smart nail, too.

As getting out length is possible with option as needed, too,

Person worried about length feels safe that nail is usually short.

We see state of design and nail and suggest.

Original design is possible, too

We accept bridal nail only for few you in design sample. Image comes clearly more if you can show image or photograph.

As for picking up original tip on one with need to exclude by work immediately again not gel


☆Design size meeting (interview + follow communication)

☆Tip production costs

Rate 8,000 yen ... (tax-excluded)

It is dress-up of finger-tip with nail which is wonderful in bridal and party