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Smart nail Omotesando shop

The location 3-12-2, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F
TEL/FAX 03-6427-2786
Business hours a.m11: 00 - p.m21: 00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

Smart nail Aoyama shop

The location Dr. 5-1-18, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Okabayashi's office building 4F-C
TEL 03-6427-1862
Business hours a.m11: 00 - p.m21: 00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

Characteristic of salon

Gel nail which is kind to beautiful one for nail.

The shop
In calm shop based on white, you can choose favorite thing from design full of variations.

As there is reception desk space, we can have the staff tell about uneasy point and point of trouble in reception desk.

The charge staff is kind and provides consultation during surgical operation carefully.
Even person made gel for the first time can operate in peace.

It is speed effect by LED light

LED light
Gel of our restaurant does not use UV (ultraviolet rays) light and uses LED light.
Therefore we do not have to worry about sunburn on skin easily after being able to cope toward allergy to ultraviolet rays.

20 seconds (five seconds a little as for the temporary hardening) a little as for the time that is the right field.
Speedy surgical operation is one of the characteristics of smart nail.

It is speed effect by LED light

Design sample of smart nail more than 500 kinds. Color variations prepare more than 200 colors.

There is much come to that to adopt seasonal trend, and trendy design and KOLOR of the year prepare for nail sample which we reflected and enjoy design increasing every month.

Of course we can make design of you original, too. Carry-on art feels free to contact, too, and please attach.

⇒Nail catalogue is this

Plain flat rate

Flat rate that rate of smart nail is plain.
We include base color design, TOP coat from cuticle care and display. Of course optional addition is possible for preference, too.
There are many such nail salons where the second rises though it is cheap in the first time, but smart nail is different. As discount system is set in come to again, you can enjoy nail regularly every month.
In addition, even registration or e-mail magazines such as LINE or Facebook provide advantageous information.
We are always thinking about service pleased with by customer.

The staff of smart nail keeps in qualification maintainer of JNA1 grade, the gel upper grade.
Because there is the staff with high technology, we feel relieved, and we bring in, and of course art can cope, too.
We perform study session, joint ownership party for technical up regularly and make an effort so that customer is always satisfied.

About hygiene management

With smart nail, we note the following point and operate.

1.Thorough finger sterilization
We perform hand rub sterilization using exclusive antiseptic solution to hands and feet of the charge staff and customer by all means before surgical operation of customer contains.
2.Thorough washing, sterilization of appliance
By the following method, we perform washing, sterilization of appliance of use by surgical operation.
・Ultrasonically clean: With exclusive disinfectant preventing every infectious disease, we perform washing over the details of appliance.
・Dipping sterilization: We dip in exclusive liquid and let disinfectant contact the appliance surface.
3.Offer of cleanliness and relief
"File" (nail file) touching nail of customer directly always uses clean thing.
4.For health of finger-tip
The staff with technical knowledge, technique counsels before surgical operation and analyzes state of nail and skin of customer and performs sometimes necessary measures.

We always offer service that kept relief, security in mind.

Agate Kate

Mold has grown on nail. . . We apply agate Kate having high antibacterial action in our restaurant so that thing called this does not happen.
Because color of nail changes color in green when Pseudomonas aeruginosa propagates on nail, this symptom is called with green nail.
The causes such as constitution of thing and customer that state that gel loosened on pick as for the green nail continued for a long term varied, but came to be able to prevent it by painting with this agate Kate.

As our salon takes regular class and can obtain this product, free apply to customer who came to smart nail again.

Lubicate Gr2

Lubicate Gr2 is nail product for professional who can use dipuroma class only for attended one. We protect nail from bacteria by using before gel and acrylic.

One-week surgical operation guarantee

With smart nail, we arrange surgical operation term of a guarantee of one week.
I operate carefully carefully to last a long time even a little, but free repair during period when malfunction occurs by any chance.

As coping method changes by state of customer, at first please contact.