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Smart nail Omotesando shop

The location 3-12-2, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F
TEL/FAX 03-6427-2786
Business hours a.m11: 00 - p.m21: 00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

Smart nail Aoyama shop

The location Dr. 5-1-18, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Okabayashi's office building 4F-C
TEL 03-6427-1862
Business hours a.m11: 00 - p.m21: 00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

Voice of customer

One year when we continued going

2,017 years were one year when they had smart nail care consistently. Thank you! Technology to have you can keep tsuyattsuyano glossiness for several weeks without it coming off to be isolated and improve state of own nail. It is also warmth of staff. (we laughed the other day until we came to have a pain in abdominal muscle. It was 2017, the best laughter end! Detox of heart is perfect, too.) As, in 2018, is taken care of sequentially, thank you for your cooperation. 
2018/1/4 U


Hulu is watched during surgical operation

We repeat many times. He/she copes with consultation of color kindly and is glad of what you can do while seeing Hulu. 
2018/1/15 T


We like the smooth finish

We like by color, design according to image very much. We go to different salon and were worried about the surface being rough very much last time, but part of art is smooth if we have you do here and is soft and smooth, and the finish is never different. As new color was beautiful, we are looking forward to on the next time. 
2017/12/20 F


Perfect nail

We had it was after a long absence and have nail, but we protruded very cutely and had it was perfect and finish without caught place and were glad as we had you returned to house and say to the master that you were pretty. During surgical operation, we explained materials of gel and we could ask and were able to leave that we were confident of technique in peace. We think that continuance of video makes time again as we are interested (wry smile) and should be able to call. 
2017/12/19 M


We are refreshed in the first salon

We called for the first time, but we operate very carefully, and the finish is very beautiful, too. We endure year-end general cleaning and still dazzle.
We had talkative person go together happily and were able to be refreshed. In addition, we want to call.
2018/01/10 M


Even as to facilities is satisfactory

It always used, but it was good that there were Wi-Fi and Hulu. It was good that waiting on customers did not have surplus story device either.
Rice cake of nail is good, too and wants to repeat when we want to study design well again.
2018/01/ 09 K


We are satisfied very much with careful processing

We were surprised at the finish entirely different so far by careful processing. Very glad. Thank you. .
2017/12/21 Y


To mother together

In salon which we always finished carefully, we were with mother this time and called. Mother was content very much to have you operate carefully kindness, too. In addition, please discuss the rights and wrongs. 
2017/12/21 F


There is not difference of technique by the staff

We went in various ways, but calm down here after all. Durability is good, and what is hard to be damaged is nice! We feel that there is not so technical difference even if we have any person do it.
2017/12/25 U


Salon good generally

It is surgical operation, service, salon very good generally. As durability of nail is very good, we repeat. 
2017/12/31 T