Salon guidance

Smart nail Omotesando shop

The location 3-12-2, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F
TEL/FAX 03-6427-2786
Business hours a.m11: 00 - p.m21: 00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

Smart nail Aoyama shop

The location Dr. 5-1-18, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Okabayashi's office building 4F-C
TEL 03-6427-1862
Business hours a.m11: 00 - p.m21: 00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

Voice of visitor

He/she thinks with friendly together

Place was far from house, but made a reservation a little as word of mouth was good! Because it was the first nail salon, it was slightly uneasy, but older sister whom he/she operated on was relieved to think about design or color with friendly together! Interior of shop was beautiful, too and was easy to spend time very much. We are content to have very good completion of nail! In addition, we want to go by all means if there is opportunity!
2016/8/25 G


The finish with more than of expectation

It is favorite very much! As for the staff, correspondence is very careful. We have you always make the finish with more than of expectation and are really glad. We look at nail with a smile every day. There is no way for pleasure of the next nail.
2016/8/9 Y


Service is good let alone technique

As we have you operate here, and nail never comes off, nail has already repeated this much more. Had arrange placement of color and stone with sample in shop, but have advise during surgical operation; and considerably satisfactory; was finished. We were absorbed so as that DVD which had you choose was interesting and missed instructions of nail specialist on the way. As service is good, we want to ask let alone technique in future ♪ Thank you.
2016/7/21 K


Beautiful French nail

We had very beautiful French nail finish! Satisfied very much. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
2016/7/6 I state


The whole salon had very good feeling

We had you finish very carefully. In addition, we heard state of the last nail and were careful to be hard to come off. It took time, but was able to have good feeling very much. The whole salon had very good feeling including other staff! It was good to have been able to watch movie.
2016/6/26 H


Salon in the van

Thank you! It is sure to get that motivation rises by today's wonderful nail wonderful at one time whenever we hit PC with desk work! We come and did nail, but salon of one a month another store is different from general salon in this salon before calling at this place today! Point that yearned for to was lot. Specialized knowledge is considerably high and thinks that it is salon which puts in technical aspect and machine and waiting on customers, all used, and is in the van. We want to be taken care of by all means in future.
2016/6/25 K


We are satisfied very much every time

We coped with my indecisive request carefully without giving a scowl. The finish is satisfactory very much every time, too. In addition, we want to call.
2016/4/25 S


Everybody says hello with smile

Atmosphere was beautiful extremely good impression in shop, too. Said hello to salon of this which there was many middle with smile while there was technique and charge was polite at all and was pretty and was relaxed and was able to receive shop where technique did not want to sometimes go though we walked, but telephone correspondence and waiting on customers manner wanted to have a problem. Air of shop was very good.
2016/4/18 S


A feeling of luster here is great

It was the second visit, but waiting on customers, the finish were satisfactory very much together. Of design and all me of color, a feeling of luster, stone finished as requested. We were troubled with color, but we gave advice kindly and, anyway, were polite. We were able to spend time on the coattails of the staff in charge happily from beginning to end. And after all a feeling of luster here is great. In addition, we would like the next time.
2016/2/1 K


Even if one month passes, we have well

Even if one month passed, the last nail lasted well. We are finished very neatly at the second this time. We had you hear hope of design and stone and had you tried this and that and finish. We look forward to on the next time. Thank you.
2016/1/24 H